Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tears of Loneliness

In the midst of midnight,
with the moon high above,
accompanied by the twinkling stars,

My crystal tears rolled down,
making my face a little frown,
my smile even flew away,
with all the joy during the day,
as i sat on the wide green grass,
all the stress i try to express,
with pen and paper i could hold,
all my writings become bold,
what should i do to forget,
all i do is remorse and regret,
now my tears running down spry,
without you, my heart feels empty,
missing you is not an option,
its a curse could never be broken,
loving you was all i had,
taken away makes me really sad,
nobody knows what we've been through,
the one understands is only me and you,
that's why we are in pain,
that's why we are in vain,
i don't know about you,
but what i said was the truth,

tonight the pillow is drenched,
with the blanket on the bed,
i tried so hard with all my might,
but the memories keep holding me tight,
now i know, now i see,
with you that i wish to be,
no further shall i seek,
it's you that my heart really needs,
no matter how i try to replace,
you in my heart a special place,
sleeping is not easy as it seems,
really hope to meet you in my dreams,
to Allah we should worship,
May Allah help our relationship...


  1. insyaAllah...may Allah help our relationship...

  2. best best..smkin ade kemajuan..ley la mu book kn mu punye puisi2 seblom2 ni jad..meh ak jd publisher..haha


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