Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy For Love

Walking by the beach..alone..,
feeling the breeze,
inhaling the fresh air,
enjoying the sound of waves,
recalling the days together,

People said we were sweet,
but now my heart bleeds,
for you the tears fall,
because of you, i gave my all,
as now i am bleeding,
but somehow you are laughing,
the wrong doings now i atone,
since you left me all alone,
people pointed fingers at me,
since i'm the culprit as you can see,

now, people said our LOVE was crazy,
Now people said you cared not for me,
now people said we were not meant to be,
now people told me to stop chasing,
because you keep on running,
now people told me to start forgetting,
because my heart is aching,
now people told me to concentrate,
on my studies and recuperate,
but ONE thing they don't know,
without you i'm in sorrow,
I gave it all to you,
my heart, my love and my dreams,
i never wanted anything,
just i need you back again,
only you that i need,
and only you that i seek...


  1. is getting better...nice...mane fanfic nih~~ poem je huhu

  2. fanfic? hehe.. nnt la.. tgh buntu..xde idea..heheh... roughly adela..

  3. ade kmajuan..:)..teruskn berkarya..hihi
    now people told me to concentrate,
    on my studies and recuperate,
    yg ni xbes ckit jad..try tukar ayt len..hihi

  4. weh..ko thu x recuperate tu ap?
    hehe.. ok2..nnt ak try...
    ak tkut ko xphm..

  5. but ONE thing they don't know,
    without you i'm in sorrow

    im sorry...
    we both hurt...

  6. hmmm...
    dunno wat 2 say..

  7. me too...speechless...but i know, how much u are trying, n how hard ur life now...but....hmm...

  8. but what..?? it's okay.. maybe it's better this way for you.. i hope.. you'll achieve your dream.. maybe with or without me.. i know you can do it..


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