Saturday, January 15, 2011

How To Take A Good Picture using Digital Camera

there are a few tips that i got from various webs on the net... but to summarize it.. there are a few elements and useful tips that i could use and share...taking a picture is an art that sometimes hard to obtain.. but with practice and patience..everything can be achieve...


1. Look at Subject in the Eye.. it applies on human beings and also other words.. maintain a good connection with the subject.. and SNAP for a good picture.

2. Great Background... a great subject is nothing without a great background.. a suitable background is necessary..

3. Ample of light and shadows. This is important to prevent the subject being darkened or unseen because of high or low light intensity.. better to use  flash sometimes during day or night. (especially outdoors)

4. is better for the photographer to be close to the subject rather than using the zoom functions.. some experts said that by using zoom, it would lower the megapixel of a picture...

5. Unique angle..sometimes.. photographers might lay down low on the street or climb up high to get various angles of the subject..sometimes, the subject may not need to be in the middle of the picture but could be on the left or right side to focus on the subject and it's background.

6. Know the functions of your camera..the flash...the focus...and other modes that would help in getting great picture..

7. edit your pictures using softwares such as adobe photoshop for details (lightroom, extended, cs5 and etc.) and for simple editing i would recommend picasa. this would help in promoting your own trademark..

that's some tips from this web.. ==>
but some are from friends and own experience..


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