Monday, December 6, 2010

Taking Care of Batteries..PhOnE and CaMerA...!!

i just bought a new camera...just like i mentioned in the older posts...
so...i was surfing the net... to find the most suitable way to take care of the camera and the lithium battery...
so..what i manage to summarize is that there are a few steps in taking care of your precious battery....

1. keep away from heat. This is to prevent from damaging the batter, thus shortened the life time of the battery itself. storing the battery in a cool temperature helps decrease the natural discharge rate even when disconnected from the device.

2. Charging the battery. For lithium battery, don't charge at full when intend to store the battery. Charge at full only in the intention to use it. remember to charge often. there is also another 'caring step' that i heard from the dealer, it is to charge when battery is fully discharge to prevent strain to the battery. But some says that fully discharge the battery only after 30 charges. this one is up to you.

3. Avoid placing battery near metals. (didn't remember the details..sorry)

4. Use the appropriate charger. this is to prevent damage to the battery. to determine whether the charger is suitable or not, observe the battery during charging. Make sure that the battery doesn't heat up.

5. Clean the battery contacts after charging. after a period of time, batteries may accumulate dirt and other materials. so, to prevent from rusting or any unwanted particles, clean the contacts using cotton buds, clean cloth or isopropyl alcohol.

6. for your laptops, disconnect battery from the laptop when fully charge and use only the AC power. this is because, heat from the laptop would damage the battery. thus, shortened its lifetime.

these are some of the steps to take care of our battery, including camera, laptop and mobile phones that uses lithium batteries.
these are some indicators showing that your batteries are worn out or fail to function properly:

1. The usable time after recharging is shortened.

2. The battery becomes unusually warm during a recharge cycle.

3. The battery becomes unusually warm during phone use.

4. The battery case may become swollen. This is detectable by feeling and viewing the inside/phone-side of the battery case. Also, when the battery is placed inside/phone-side down on a flat, smooth surface, it will rock and will sustain a spin motion. The case of a healthy battery is flat, and the battery will not a spin easily.

5. The battery develops a hard spot. This is detectable on the inside/phone-side surface of the battery by gently pinching about the surface between one's fingers.

so, take good care of your belongings. cherish it properly. 

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