Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 06 - Favorite superhero and why

My 1st hero
for this entry..
actually, i have two heroes.. this is the picture of my first hero...
My him so much..
even and him.. are always quarreling..
because we normally dont see eye to eye..
also, we have the same ion charge..
+ve would not be attracted to +ve...
i can conclude.. we're both stubborn..hahaha..that what's make our relationship special...
he thinks that i don't like him..cause he's always serious...fierce (like a lion..AAUUUMM)...and really strict...
but what i admire him is his passion for his works.. he really fulfills the needs of his family...
he has great plans improvise inside of his head... really brilliant..
the way he handles his life..and family is very astounding..but..
behind every man's success is a woman...haaa...
here is my second hero... not a sidekick..
but Hero..or Heroin (not drugs)..

2nd hero
she's the one that completes my dad... she's really loving..caring..sporting...
that's why she's always the one that usually have headache..backache..and numerous aching..
because of her lack of rest.. i really admire her.. the way she handles the family..
she also supports the family.. she cooks.. she cleans..she drives..she laughs.. she cries..
her tears are the one that would always be 'the oil to my fighting spirit'..
there are no words fit to describe her efforts on keeping this family in good shape..
love you you so much IBU..

these 2 people are my heroes for the rest of my you both so much..

take care =p


  1. alamak...tetiba windu plak kat emak n ayah akuu...xpe..5 bulan lagi anakmu balik eahh~~

  2. rezz... ak nk blk nnt..eheh...xthu bler...


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