Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy 21st birthday...

well... where do i start?..
hmm... today..19th of December 2010..
the birthday of the girl that owns my heart..
we celebrated together when she was in Terengganu..
also with our 'sister'...

here..we're the beach..
enjoying the view.. after eating some of the delicious prawns and squids at a nearby stall..
nyum2..delicious... pizza hut..eating our last meal together..  last for this year..
we'll meet again next year..right honey??
the pizza are tasteless without you..huhuhuh...
here..sending you away.. back home..
i just wanna say..
happy birthday..and may your wishes come true..
maybe i'm not the best..
not the greatest in many things..
especially..not a good listener..
i always complain many things about you..
but.. it's actually to hide the reality..
that i'm not that perfect...
on your birthday...
i just want you to know..
that my heart is always with you...
keeping you the blanket you gave me...
my arm is just for you...for your head to lay on..
and my love and care is always in your heart..
for you to remember me always..
missing me everywhere you go...
i hope we'll be together forever...
i don't know what else to say...
to describe my feelings towards you...
i can just simply say..

from Bee,

Ahmad Fakhri Amjad b Suarni

take care =p

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Setinta pena Mencoret

jika hari ini aku lalai,
tolong ingatkan aku,
tentang masaku yang sia-sia,
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