Thursday, December 9, 2010

1 more time

1 more time...i didn't sleep...
my body's shivering while my head is spinning...
i feel so tired but i'm still on a mission...
to go and identify the aquatic insects at lab... i wish i could just shut my eyes and dream...
but i still need to go...
i need to pull up my strength and go...

now at lab... identifying aquatic insects...
Odonata - Anisoptera - Libellulidae

Same as above

same family

Odonata - Anisoptera - Gomphidae

same as above

Hemiptera - Nepidae

same as above

same as above

Hemiptera - Gerridae

Odonata - Anisoptera - Corduliidae

Ephemeroptera - Caenidae
that's only a small part of the samples...
hmmm... all da best for me and all my friends out there...
take care..=p

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Setinta pena Mencoret

jika hari ini aku lalai,
tolong ingatkan aku,
tentang masaku yang sia-sia,
tentang kesibukanku dengan dunia,
tentang rinduku yang menggila,
tentang kataku yang merapu saja,
tentang cintaku yang sia belaka.
tentang bekalanku ke sana,
tentang ajalku yang hampir tiba,
tentang sendirianku di dalam tanah,
tentang gelapnya kubur kita,
tentang duniaku yang fana,
tentang akhirat yang abadi jua.