Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alamanda Kungfu Panda

Salam Alaykum,
Today..i’m trying to improve my fluency in English. So, writing this entry in English may help a little bit on my grammar and language. Actually, and my siblings went to Alamanda Putrajaya to watch KungFu Panda 2.. the journey only took 15minutes from my house to the GSC Cinema. Eventually, we also went to Alamanda the previous day with Ibu, but the tickets were sold out and we just had a stroll at Alamanda. I got a new Jeans while Angah got a new tracksuit.. haha.. on the way back, we stopped for a “snack”.. Ibu ordered ‘mee udang’.. the taste was okay but Mak Njang’s ‘mee udang’ is still the best.. yummy!! (enough with the flashback)

Alhamdulillah, we had bought the tickets the day before because it was all sold out at the present day. After buying some popcorns and beverages, I led my siblings to the theatre hall. The twin girls sat right next to me while the brothers were in front. 

We really enjoyed the movie, it was hilarious and has moral values that can be taken. Also, watching it with my siblings for the first time became an unforgettable memory. For the movie, I’ll give a 4.2 / 5 stars.. great movie and a great and  friendship, love, patience, caring and other moral values that are in the movie are suitable for the whole family to watch. I would recommend this movie to all.. it is a watch, enjoy and learn movie.. ^_^


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Setinta pena Mencoret

jika hari ini aku lalai,
tolong ingatkan aku,
tentang masaku yang sia-sia,
tentang kesibukanku dengan dunia,
tentang rinduku yang menggila,
tentang kataku yang merapu saja,
tentang cintaku yang sia belaka.
tentang bekalanku ke sana,
tentang ajalku yang hampir tiba,
tentang sendirianku di dalam tanah,
tentang gelapnya kubur kita,
tentang duniaku yang fana,
tentang akhirat yang abadi jua.