Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dreaming of Tears

I’m smiling with you by myside,
Hand in hand together,
Filling the gaps between our fingers,
Around the world we linger,
Cause I want to be with you forever,

Together we sang our song,
Laughing happily all day long,
Sometimes we would fight more than we could bare,
Because that’s the way we showed we care,
You would always take the blame,
And I’m always the one in shame,
Because I am your man,
I should protect you with all I can,
Finally we fought one day,
I was alone left astray,

Now my heart was tainted,
And dreams we built shattered,
Now I watch myself crumbled,
I tried to get up but stumbled,
Then I woke up shockingly,
I realize I was in reality,
The nightmare I had was so true,
It made my face turned blue,
Wishing it never happened,
With the love not been broken,
As I walked through the rain,
Hoping to love over and over again,
Then my heart broke into two,
When I saw the dream came true,
Left alone drenched in rain,
Now my heart filled with pain,

Losing you was all that I fear,
Now I’m holding back my tears,
I wish you’re here wiping it away,
I wish you’re here and stay,
Now all the memories you bury,
The letters and pictures you deleted easily,
Your love was never forever,
But I kept my promise to never love another…

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Since you Left Me..

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Setinta pena Mencoret

jika hari ini aku lalai,
tolong ingatkan aku,
tentang masaku yang sia-sia,
tentang kesibukanku dengan dunia,
tentang rinduku yang menggila,
tentang kataku yang merapu saja,
tentang cintaku yang sia belaka.
tentang bekalanku ke sana,
tentang ajalku yang hampir tiba,
tentang sendirianku di dalam tanah,
tentang gelapnya kubur kita,
tentang duniaku yang fana,
tentang akhirat yang abadi jua.