Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why Men Don't Understand Women

Salam Alaykum

It has been a long time since my last update.. today’s topic would be.. “Why Men Don’t Know Anything About Women”… firstly.. we’ll look back to our first ancestor.. ADAM and HAWA (EVE).. Eve was created from the left ribs of Adam during His sleep.. why?
Because when Men are in pain.. they hate it more.. regardless the situation.. however, Women are the opposite.. they are patience and strong will… eventhough they are hurt, they would bear the pain regardless the situation.. This is why Allah s.w.t. put Women in charge of birth..
Enough of the historical explaination.. Some people asked me, “Is it too hard for a Man to understand a Woman?” Allah s.w.t. created Us in its own unique way.. Allah created Us differently so that we would complete each other…
Women always state that, “Men rarely try to understand Women.” Why??
It is not like Men doesn’t want to understand Women, but Women are complex being.. they are not like books that can be read and.. *SNAP*… We (Men) understand the inner feelings of a Women.. NO!!
Actually, Women think they understand Men.. but the reality is NOT!! It is just Men doesn’t want to continue the argument cause it would be such a waste.. it is better to shut up and listen to women nagging rather than to counter them..  this is merely to save time and also the relationship…
In order to have a harmonious life, Men and Women should be frank to each other, open up themselves to each other.. embrace themselves with love and care.. it doesn’t matter if You (Men or Women) understand the opposite gender or not.. the main thing is “If you love somebody, accept Him or Her for the way they are..don’t try to change them… cause if you do that.. He or She would not be the same person You fell in love with in the first place”- Don't Love to Change-
My advice is.. Men should always try their best to satisfy the Women needs but Women should know when enough is enough..
Prepared by a modest and simple mind being ^_^
Trying to learn English for better job prospect!! hehe


  1. a'ah kan. perempuan kene fikir cukup-cukuplah.

  2. xfhm starang bahasa om putih...cilakak sungguh


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